Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reluctant about grooming...

La Doof Kitton doesn't shed a lot--this is a good thing as it counters the fact that El Gato sheds more than any other cat I have ever known. Regardless, there are no surfaces in the house where you won't get gray cat hairs on your black suit--rest assured of that. We try to groom the kittehs but neither of them likes it much.

Earlier this week, I finished brushing and wiping down El Gato (yes, that explains the baby-wipe-thingies in the pics) when La Doof Kitton plopped himself down in front of me to demand attention so I tried to furminate him (with one hand while operating the camera with the other hand--for future refence? Cat grooming is a 3 hand job).

He was bound and determined not to be brushed--but he was also bound and determined not to be chased off from the prime laying spot--on top of all mom's stuff and in front of the computer monitor. He was also determined to chew off the rubber on the furminator handle.

Pictures and, rarity of rarities, video:

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