Sunday, April 4, 2010

We've been building new shelves

But La Doof Kitton likes to consider them cat-cozies designed so he can stair-step between them.  (The picture doesn't give scale well but, do realize that the shelf he is currently on is almost 6' off the ground.)

I'd like to pretend that adding books to them has moved the cats away from the lovely stairt-step shelves.  But currently?  that shelf holds Lemony Snickett's books...and La Doof Kitton on top of said books.

I suppose it's an improvement over his other book obsession. For the last 3 weeks, at least every-other day, La Doof Kitton places himself on the other bookshelves (the ones that just look like bookshelves) and finds my old paperback copy of _Les Miserables_ (on the shelf about 4.5 feet high) and places one paw on top of the book...and flings the book from the shelf to the floor where it lands w/ a very loud thump.
And then he curls Scooter-the-Tail around his paws and looks pleased with himself.

I'm not sure what Victor Hugo did to my cat or if it's merely that La Doof Kitton resents Jean ValJean's transition to a model citizen but he *really* dislikes that book being on the shelf.
(while it screws with my book organization, for this week, we swapped _Les Miserables_ and _Shogun_ [since they're similar thickness] as an experiment--I'll let you know how it goes)