Monday, October 27, 2008

by popular request...the 'lazy play video'

I just had to get my voice (in, of course, the 'talking to the pets baby talk voice') off of it. sound.
And I'm not smart enough to make the file not huge. sorry.

but here ya go (please note the smug "I won" look on La Doof Kitton's face at the end):

The magical scary box of water

Our house has a magical scary box of water. Yours probably does too.

La Doof Kitton is concerned about this scary box of water and why mom subjects herself to he involves himself in it's filling. (And then, since he has made it a habit to consider falling in, he gets kicked out of the bathroom while mom takes her soak. (because as we all know, a cat falling into an occupied bathtub leaves one with legs that look like they lost an epic battle with a blender.)

There is a slow progression...from side-of tub sitter...
to "stalking the razor" kitteh

to "balancing precariously kitteh". He is quite talented at balancing (there are zero feet on the sides of the tub in this one):

And it tends to end with "ooh, lookit, I just dumped in more bubble bath for ya ma!"
(and this would be the point at which he is escourted out of the bathroom and the door is closed.)

Things La Doof Kitton has messed with/destroyed in the last week:

(this list only includes things I"m reasonably sure were his fault and that he can't frame the other pets for)

-1 jewelry box (that he pushed off a dresser and broke)
-the jewelry in said jewelry box (that he stole)
-1 vase of flowers that he knocked over from the kitchen table (he ate 2 flowers and doused the chair cushions with water)
-1 vase of flowers that he knocked off the fridge and shredded 2 flowers
-my hair (it is not for climbing)
-my hair ties
-1 stack of important papers that he shoved off my desk 3 separate times
-1 bag of chips that he tried to eat through
-1 bunch box he stole things out of
-1 printer that he decided to kill the pages coming out of as it printed (he killed about 3 before I kicked him out)
-2 trash cans containing paper
-1 partial roll of toilet paper
-1 picture/sign that he knocked over, clawed the plastic off of, and knocked over again
-1 shoelace (I know have a very very SHORT shoelace in that shoe)
-1 house plant (which is now missing many leaves and has a pile of dirt ground into the carpet next to it)
-1 pile of dishes that he knocked over
-1 clock radio
-1 laundry hamper (that he climbed, knocked over, and then sat upon)
-1 bed that he managed to squeeze behind, play w/ all of the cords that plug in, and generally make a PITA out of himself over

I can't prove he did anything else. Or else I haven't found the mess/problem yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'tis the season for...Candy Corn.

I think the pictures (with captions) speak for themselves...

Huh, what, who, me? Stealing?

So, uh, now what do I do with it?

What do you mean you EAT this stuff?

At which point, El Gato got frustrated with his stupidity...

And took matters into her own hands. Er, paws. Er, mouth.

Which caused us to have a great deal of pity for the starving La Doof we gave him another piece. He guarded this one much more carefully.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lazy Fighting

<---THIS is rather normal at our house.

Both the dog and the kitten were exhausted from playing--we'd just finished a game of fetch with Dawg and La Doof Kitton had been busy attempting to destroy the hamper for about an hour. (he failed at destroying the hamper but did actually succeed in moving it a few feet...impressive when it weighs so much more then him. And moving it created a small cave wehre he could lie in wait and pounce people/other pets/imaginary squirrels/specks of dust/lint demons, etc.)

When they're both exhausted, Dawg flops herself down to take a nap. And La Doof Kitton comes over and strats grooming her ... until which point he gets bored (about 45 seconds). When La Doof Kitton gets bored, he quits grooming and just hauls off and bites her ears. Which results in a vulnerable Dawg (who, of course, falls for the 'lay there and I'll groom you nicely' trick EVERY time) having to defend herself--without loosing the prime blankie spot. So it results in 15 minutes or so of the animals lying, to lazy to get up, while play fighting. Hilarious.

(I do actually have video but...I made the mistake of talking while recording it and I refuse to upload video w/ my voice on it--I'm not feeling smart enough to figure out how to get my voice OFF it.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cats really don't have much of a sense of humor.

La Doof Kitton was facing off with El Gato in the middle of the living room floor.
There was darkness and fury and growling and laying back of ears as they circled each other...

And then Mr. G flung himself dramatically from the couch where he had been sitting between the two kitties and yelled "OOOH, I wanna wrestle too!" and bowled them both with his left hand, one with his right.

The cats picked themselves up and were so shocked they both just sat there as he bowled them over again.
At which point, El Gato scrabbled to her feet and fled to the bedroom where she has been hiding ever since. (When I went to talk her out of the corner she laid her ears back and purred as I pet her--quite clearly saying "I like you, WHY did you marry such a dofus? he needs to learn some manners." I reminded her that Mr. G is the one who fills the food dishes and she allowed one ear to come forward. Almost.) La Doof Kitton pounced on Mr G's hand, bit it hard, and then climbed to the top of the bookshelves, preparing to fling himself down in a blaze of nomming glory...

And then there was a random bit of imagined movement from the catnip mouse in the corner and La Doof Kitton forgot that he was stalking Mr. G and prepared to hunt down and destroy the catnip mouse.

Monday, October 6, 2008

La Doof Kitton is NOT helpful when I'm baking.

There's nothing like carefully pouring the batter from the bowl into the cake pan when, suddenly, my head jerks toward the floor because La Doof waited until THAT MOMENT to try to climb my ponytail. He was hanging from it, trying to climb, Rapunzel-esque, to the tasty batter. OW.

I chased him off, popped the pumpkin roll into the oven, and set about making a sugared surface for it to cool on...meaning a towel well sprinkled w/ powdered sugar.

Good thing this one isn't for guests and we'll be eating it in house--because I finished sprinkling the towel, turned my back long enough to put the sifter in the sink and turn back around...there are kitty pawprints all across the sugar. (and a ghostly white trail of white footprints led from the sugar-coated towel across the kitchen table, onto the BLACK chair and across the kitchen floor)

I chased him away again, take the cake out of the oven and have it cooling...

There was NO PLACE I can leave this cake to cool that is out of reach, and after trying 4 separate places, I've given up. I spent the better part of the next hour carrying a wire-rack w/ a cooling roll of cake on it with's sitting next to me on the desk, because then I can keep him from eating it.

Drying racks don't hold kitties very well.

Drying racks are generally handy household objects. They're excellent inventions for those of us who would otherwise leave articles of clothing hanging from the ceiling fan or wadded up on a corner of the laundry room floor (a method which, I must confess, doesn't work well) to dry. They're also objects that are made to be easily collapsible for storage reasons. (which is odd considering I can't remember the last time I collapsed and stored mine...)

By virtue of this last quality, they are NOT kitton safe. Kittons who attempt to climb these objects will find themselves lying in the middle of the floor, trapped under a drying rack and a heap of damp clothing.

(and, while a normal cat would have fled in terror from the loud, noisy, startling, flinging-of-damp clothing object that fell on top of it, La Doof Kitton waited for me to remove all the clothing from burying him...and then promptly attempted to re-climb the drying rack as I attepted to set it back up)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gotta love computer cords

I just heard a cry of "La Doof Kitton, Let GO of the *expletive* mouse cord"

Yes, the wrong thing to do when daddy is playing WOW is to sneak under the computer desk, find the mouse cord, and pull while wrapping it around yourself.
This makes daddy's character DIE.
And leads to many swears.

But it is dang funny.
(although he lost interest and is, instead, now playing with the door stops. So this is being typed with a background of *twang. Twaaaang. Twang. *)