Tuesday, April 26, 2011

just a photo-update of the pets and their new addition....

I apologize if the pictures aren't great--do you have any idea how hard it is to herd cats and Dawg and a baby into one frame?   THis is what we have though:

Defeated by kitteh!

Confused by how this happened...


Even the big Kitteh loves toys!  Kinda.

La Doof Kitton mostly likes the strings.  And stealing toys from babies.
Baby is learning how to use strings to 'fish for kittehs'

Dawgs get in trouble for stealing toys so they just have to settle for
stealing Boppy pillows.
La Doof Kitton keeps trying to feed himself to the baby.  Not quite sure why :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

They say cats aren't capable of plitting revenge......

They lie.

Earlier this week, the family had a morning with some family togetherness.  I was sitting in the rocking chair, feeding Buffy.  Mr. G was sitting on the ottoman next to us, and the pets were busy doing their thing.

Mr. G brought me a bagel because he's a nice guy and I had a migraine.  However, because I had a migraine, after a few bites, I had to move the bagel out of 'smell range' for a few; I asked him to set it on the nursery night-stand, just out of reach while we finished planning our day.

A moment later a small white and gray paw appeared over the top of the night stand.  Remember those cartoons where a cat (Sylvester) is under the table and his paw walks to the food?  Yep, just like that.  There was a claw trying desperately to hook my bagel.

Mr. G was quick on the draw and snagged the plate o' bagel out of reach and then made several comments about winning the battle, cats not being able to take over the world because they don't have opposable  thumbs, and 'HA, no bagel for you!'.  And then we went back to planning our day.

Quick as thought, La Doof Kitton appeared on the night stand.  The Mr. repeated a comment about "ha, see, no bagel for you; I have it here".  La Doof Kitton walked across where the bagel had been, over to my rather heavy water bottle, and head butted it.  Hard.

There was a slow motion sequence as the water bottle tipped, fell and spiraled downward...with the heavy part of the base landing square on the bony part of the Mr.'s bare foot.

Buffy woke up because I was laughing so hard I cried (sorry.  yes, I'm a jerk).  The Mr. actually fell off the ottoman in pain (Dawg promptly rushed over to help lick him off and El Gato got panicky and ran away).
La Doof Kitton spent a few moments looking smug before dropping off the night stand walking over to where the plate o' bagel was on the floor (the Mr, in his pain, had set it down/dropped it), and commencing to lick off the butter.

La Doof Kitton 1, humans 0