Saturday, April 4, 2009

La Doof Kitton and the wall hangings

The other night, La Doof Kitton came into the bedroom at some ungodly hour to mess with the hamper (yes, the same hamper in the previous post). You would think a hamper would be to mundane and large to be a kitteh toy but La Doof Kitton likes to claw at it and to play with the stringy-things that dangle from the edge of the liner. These activities are loud, which is why La Doof Kitton waits until the middle of the night to engage in them.

Well, Mr G., who is less tolerant of being awakened at ungodly hours than I am (which is saying a lot; I'm not especially tolerant) and who sleeps closer to the hamper (darn :-P), told La Doof Kitton to stop it (he didn't stop). Then he interfered with the noise-making activities (he didn't stop). Then, in a moment of frustration, Mr. G swung his pillow at La Doof Kitton and smacked La Doof Kitton with it (he stopped for a millisecond, then went back to noisy playing).

This would have just been a normal part of our night except, in swinging the pillow, Mr. G hit the wall scroll adorning that wall (it looks something like this). The scroll hangs from a nail and a wee piece of double-sided tape holds the dowel at the bottom firmly to the wall. Or it did, until a pillow hit it--then it hung by a nail and flopped around.
Flopping around isn't a big deal normally but, in an unsuccessful effort to muffle the kitteh noises, Mr. G had turned on a fan as white noise. The fan kept catching the scroll and we'd hear the 'thunk thunk....thunk thunk thunk....thunk thunk' of the dowel tapping against the wall.

We could have probably even managed to ignore the thunking noise but this was a new and exciting noise so La Doof Kitton lept from the top of the hamper and attempted to climb the wall scroll--this scroll has been there for years, he has never so much as noticed its existence. Now that the scroll was moving, it was the new bestest kitteh toy ever. La Doof Kitton stood on the bed and pawed at it to make it thunk louder. He stood on the floor and pawed at it to make it thunk. He jumped at it to climb it. He all around made a pest of himself to the point where Mr. G took the entire thing down and put it in his closet for the night. And then he, less than graciously, dumped La Doof Kitton outside the bedroom door and closed it.

The next morning, Mr. G had to re-hang the entire contraption. He adjusted and leveled and straightened everything while La Doof Kitton watched with interest. As soon as the double-sided-sticky-foam tape had affixed the scroll to the wall, he was no longer interested in the wall hanging.

That might be because in the moment where Mr. G had his hands full and set the tape on a dresser, La Doof Kitton snagged the roll and ran toward the basement. We saw it in his mouth as he headed downstairs and we didn't see it again for several days.

Once again, proof that our toys are better than their toys.

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