Saturday, June 13, 2009

I wonder if he's now intentionally putting the box on the floor?

because it's been there a lot recently...and that's new.

It was there when I got up this morning,instead of on the shelf next to the window (where it normally lives).

I didn't wake up when I heard strange sounds last night...but I am immune to strange sounds at night most of the time anymore. (I have to be--it's a defense mechanism that I need in order to SLEEP in this house)

I was trying to take my pills and get breakfast before getting distracted so I didn't pick it up right away.
La Doof Kitton was quite perturbed that anything was more important than operation box restoration. He walked to the box, sniffed it, and walked over to me, headbutted my leg and walked back to the box and set a paw on it. I ignored him and he repeated this several more times before walking to the box, sitting on it (it was upside down) and yowling. Then he walked up to me again. I put it back and he's been napping there ever since.

Except when he left to cause stealing my bookmarks so I wouldn't know where I was in my book (apparently I pay to much attention to the book, not enough to him).

(please note that once he has it out, he no longer wants it :-P)

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