Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sewing with cats

I should once again apologize for being lax in my posting...but that would be redundant because I do that much to often. So you'll all just have to assume I'm a jerk.

But I am a jerk who recently sewed her first-ever-project from a pattern.
And La Doof Kitton helped. (El Gato helped too but not nearly as much)
The project turned out OK, and the story isn't very entertaining (except the point where La Doof Kitton tried to get his wee paw run over by the sewing machine, I panicked in trying to rescue him, and instead, I thumped myself with the pressure foot and thought I broke a finger) but the pictures make me giggle :-)

Where's the kitteh? And where did this lump come from?

At this point, El Gato decided to pounce the lump in the pattern...of course she wasn't picking on her baby-brother, she just was pouncing the lump for me. And, of course, La Doof Kitton pounced from the other side. And left his tail [Scooter] hanging out so that Scooter could flop around angrily)

At that point, they started damaging the pattern so I took it away. La Doof Kitton instead positioned himself to be able to pounce the thread tails as soon as I started up the machine. (He did eventually get himself locked out of the room until the project was done)

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Cindy said...

Every sewer knows you can't sew in a room with a cat!