Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recently, the G family toilet paper has looked funny.

The toilet paper in the house has looked like it belongs in a cartoon where the kittehs unroll all the TP. 

This, of course, is silly because for all their PITA-ness, our kittehs don't unroll the TP.  Oh no, the TP is shredded because La Doof Kitton decided he wanted to go to Narnia.  Now, the proper way to do this is to find a wardrobe which was carved from magical wood from the tree planted by the Magician's Nephew, but La Doof Kitton, not being literate (at least I don't *think* he is fully literate) decided that poking around in the back of the linen closet (since said linen closet has a small access panel to get to the bathroom plumbing--a kitteh who tried really hard could probably manage to make it into the basement ceiling, heaven help us) might be the best way to make it to Narnia.

Of course, he neglected to tell us that he planned to go to Narnia, so when he snuck into the linen closet, we wondered who had left the door open--and closed the door.
Now, trapped in a small dark closet with the dreaded vacuum (which was off but is still the scary sucking noisy machine of DOOM), he decided he needed to claw his way out.  He could have clawed towels or vacuums or soap or a wall or a door--any one of which might have made enough noise that we would have opened the door to let him out...but he thought that digging a hole in the toilet paper was still his best bet on accessing Narnia.

Several hours later, when we realized the house was to quiet, we opened the door and La Doof Kitton sauntered out.  I haven't yet decided whether or not he really found Mr. Tumnus but he did leave behind a mega-jumbo-gigantic pack of toilet paper--in which every roll has lost a battle w/ wee kitteh claws.
And I do think that he must have been successful--why else would he rush to trap himself back in the linen closet now, every time I open it?

But it is hard on the toilet paper.