Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How La Doof Kitton got Dawg's bed 2 nights in a row, a story in 2 parts

IN the last few months, sleeping arrangements in the G house have shuffled a lot.

Initially, the screen door in the nursery was used to keep all the pets out when Buffy was sleeping but Dawg was insistent and well behaved so she gets screen-door-ed Into the nursery at night.  (when we get up to check on the baby/feed/change/whatever, the door is left open.  It's shut when she's sleeping or when I'm pumping because SOMEONE (La Doof Kitton), seems to think that the hoses on the pump are tiny little snakes that move on their own, make hissing noises, and need to be killed.  In fact, he has figured out how to unzip the pouch that holds the hoses if I don't latch it.

But when I'm awake with the baby, the door is open and the pets come and go.  We even put a blankie-bed in there for Dawg.

Thanksgiving morning, for the first time in 6 months, I woke up w/ a migraine.  (the migraine is relevant for the level of "OW ness" in the story that follows.  Normally annoying lights or noises are just annoying.  With a migraine, they're agony)

Actually, I woke up w/ it at 3 am and asked the Mr. to let me pump and then feed the baby what I pumped so I could grab an ice-pack and go back to bed. Which I did.

At 7 am, the Mr. offered to take her but she was being quietly fussy (loud fussy = bad. quiet fussy = not to bad--didn't feel like an ice-pick-through-the-skull...baby cry + migraine=badness, obviously) and I needed to get up regardless to pump if I didn't feed her so I got up w/ the baby.

But I was in 'not see straight, OWWWW' mode. Dawg was a bit concerned and got up from her blanket in the nursery to make sure we were OK.
Once assured that no one was going to die and that the 'puppy' was eating properly, Dawg went and had to re-arrange her blanket. It was in the wrong spot, the footstool blocked her view of me nursing the baby. SO Dawg spent 15 minutes shuffling her blanket over 2 feet (she's kinda slow at these things because she isn't especially bright at how to do this. You know those doggie IQ tests where you hide the treat under a towel? in a world populated w/ towels, Dawg would starve to death.). Dawg moved the bed so she could see us. She curls up and falls into 'watchdog' sleep.

Around that time, La Doof Kitton makes his way into the nursery-- If I'm just up, he can be in w/ us. He likes to curl up w/ Dawg. He decides this would be a great time to engage Dawg in 'lazy play'. Dawg doesn't WANT to lazy play. She's been up w/ the baby all night, she's tired. Wants to sleep. So she gets up, turns 180 degrees, and lays back down--her butt toward us, her face toward the bouncer seat.

La DOof Kitton decides that this means he needs to try harder and continues pestering Dawg. (throughout all of this, I'm deciding whether or not putting on sunglasses because the nightlight in an otherwise dark house is ridiculously bright and thinking my pets breathe to loud.) Dawg stretches herself away from La Doof Kitton...and one claw manages to hook the button on the front of the bouncer seat...and turn on the damn music box.

ARRRGH. I hate the music box.

Everyone in the room jumped. The baby woke up. I grabbed my head. La Doof Kitton's eyes got big, Dawg jumped to her feet...
Once my head adjusted, it wasn't HORRIBLY painful--and I couldn't get up and turn off the damn thing w/o waking the baby (and waking the baby would lead to crying which WOULD be horribly painful) . So Buffy went back to nursing and I watched as Dawg looked at me. Looked at the baby. Looked at the bouncer making this horrid tin-ny music...and made a whine that clearly said "that thing is effing annoying", got up, and left the room.

Thanks Dawg.  ANd La Doof Kitton took another look at the loud music box, looked at us...and curled up in the middle of Dawg's bed with the "HA, more giant squishy blankie bed for ME"

(luckily the Mr. got up 15 minutes later and responded to my "THANK ALL THAT"S HOLY< TURN OFF THAT DAMN THING" whisper.)

Story #2, the Friday after Thanksgiving...

I still wasn't feeling swell on Friday but, I was feeling somewhat better.
I get up and my headache and I were, at 5:30 AM, sitting in the rocker, feeding Buffy.

Dawg was on her blanket and La Doof Kitton was sitting next to the heat vent.

El Gato came in to beg for pets--she jumped up on the footstool and tried to convince me that putting down Buffy to give her attention was the way to go.  I gave her a few pets but didn't have much in the way of a free hand--she did get rubbed with my foot but we all know that cats don't think that counts. 

Then Dawg sneezed loudly.  REALLY loudly.  This caused El Gato to throw herself off the footstool and run behind the chair t hide.
This lunging by El Gato caused the footstool to throw itself back...and biff Dawg in the head.
Dawg jumped up and was utterly confused as to why she was being pelted w/ flying ottomans! (ottomen?  no, ottomans, I think) and puttered around, looking upset.
El Gato came out and stared at the ottoman...she considered jumping up on it but, being round, it just rolled over and bumped Dawg's shins when she put her paws against it.

This was to much for poor El Gato who left, sad at the lack of pettings and went to sleep with Mr. G.  This was also to much for Dawg--she was trying to guard the baby and instead mom was laughing at her as she was attacked by furniture.  She also went to sleep in the bedroom.

At which point, La Doof Kitton, who had kept his cool through all of this, walked over to the Dawg blanket, and snuggled himself into the middle of it with a smug "AH, THIS is my bed" look on his face and slept in a giant squishy bed of bliss for the next few hours.

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