Tuesday, April 26, 2011

just a photo-update of the pets and their new addition....

I apologize if the pictures aren't great--do you have any idea how hard it is to herd cats and Dawg and a baby into one frame?   THis is what we have though:

Defeated by kitteh!

Confused by how this happened...


Even the big Kitteh loves toys!  Kinda.

La Doof Kitton mostly likes the strings.  And stealing toys from babies.
Baby is learning how to use strings to 'fish for kittehs'

Dawgs get in trouble for stealing toys so they just have to settle for
stealing Boppy pillows.
La Doof Kitton keeps trying to feed himself to the baby.  Not quite sure why :)


Coleen H. said...

Just how many kittehs do you have? The kitten in the first picture looks like it has black fur, not gray fur.

G said...

Only 2; I think the lighting did something funny.
El Gato and La Doof Kitton DO have the same color of fur; he just has a lot more white.