Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things La Doof Kitton loves

as a counterpoint to the hate for things like paper towels and mailmen, I think I need to list things La Doof Kitton loves:

-Wool.  He  is, at this moment, making sweet sweet love to a diaper cover.  He made out with a hat of mine earlier today.  He only likes 100% wool and as such, was actually given a WWII era army hat by his uncle because he adored it so much

-Tackling El Gato.  She out-weighs him by, er, a lot.  So he tackles her, she fights back, she wins, she struts away and he tackles again.  She can win 15 times but he still wins the war because he's ready for round 16.

-Chewing on Mr G's ankles when the mailman scares him.  It makes him feel safer  better.  (by 'him', I mean La Doof Kitton.  Mr. G's ankles don't feel better.  They look a bit red and bleedy)

-Mom's hair brush.  This is good to cuddle, unlike the cat hair brush which is apparently made of owies and kitton death wish.

-The Microwave cart.  This is where one can hide behind the toaster and pop out, pretending to be toast, scaring mommy half to death.

-Boots.  An entire La Doof Kitton can more or less fit in mommy's cowboy boots.  Not only are these a great place to hide cat toys, they're also fun to chew on (grr)

-Nylons/pantyhose.  To be fair, I may be giving him credit for something that was El Gato's doing, but the first 3 pair I pulled out of my drawer this weekend had holes chewed in them.  (note to self, buy a lock for the drawer)

-Buffy's failure to use a sippy-cup properly.  I'm not sure Buffy is a 'favorite thing' (although her crib, when she's not in it, may be), but poorly handled sippy cups lead to delicious puddles of whole-milk scattered around and on the high chair. 

-The High chair.  These things were MADE for cats.  There's a (somewhat) cushion-y seat.  They're high up.  And the tray doubles as a bed.  And occasionally, they're covered with tasty bits of food/milk

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