Monday, January 12, 2009

Nightime sweet nothings

Last night, I was in bed when Mr. G came to bed and La Doof Kitton decided to 'sleep' with him (La Doof Kitton's definition of sleep varying greatly from our definition of sleep.

I heard a conversation (I'm afraid I couldn't hear La Doof Kitton's side, you'll have to settle for just Mr G's) that went rather like this:

"Awww, you want to snuggle. What a sweet kitteh catus.
It's very adorable and cute that you want to sleep with your face on my cheek but my lungs object to you completey coverin both my nose and my mouth.
I showered today, you do not need to lick my face and hands until the bleed.
Quit hogging the pillow. You are 1/50th my size, you don't need 90% of it.
If you continue licking my scalp, you will give me a receeding hairline.
GAH, put those claws in when you try to poke me.
[At this point, EL Gato joined them and much growling ensued--from El Gato]
And dangit, quit picking on you sister (El Gato). I'm gonna be clawed to pieces.
Picking on your sister's tail still counts as picking on your sister. Knock it off

At this point, I drifted off to sleep (happy that, for once, La Doof Kitton slept w/ Mr. G instead of me) and didn't wake back up again until morning; whereupon I found the door closed and the cats on the other side of it. Apparently they were eventually not allowed to 'sleep' with us.

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Mac said...

Please don't think I'm creepy, but I found your blog through, and I just have to say, the stories of your cat have had me rolling all night. They remind me a lot of my cat. (we now have to keep the food in the dryer because the cats have figured out how to get to it every other place we've put it)