Thursday, November 27, 2008

He extorts my silence...or at least my lack of pictures

Last night, I was taking a shower and watched as Dawg came into the bathroom and curled up on the bathmat to guard me from evil hallway gremlins.

La Doof Kitton promptly came in and started washing Dawg's face and curled up next to her. I made a cooing noise and told La Doof Kitton that I should get a picture as proof that they did love each other. La Doof Kitton sat up and shot me a look that said, quit clearly, "how dare you threaten to jeopardize my position with the cat guild? I am merely using the canine mortal for my own ends--to assist at stealing cookies"

And here is where I made a mistake, I asked "what are you gonna do about it?"
He jumped up onto the bathroom counter, sat erect with his tail curled around his feet, looked straight at me, and shoved my hairbrush and glasses off the edge. He eyed the ceramic soap container and drinking glass until I promised no doggie-cuddle-pictures (although I may have had my fingers crossed).

I'm quite aware that it sounds like La Doof Kitton could take over the world....but he can't.

He can't because although he is "the Brain" he is also his very own "Pinky". Moments after extorting the promise from me, he had both of his front paws in the kleenex box because it was super interesting and there might be a mouse made of kleenex in there!. And a few moments after that he watched, utterly entranced, as this gray snakey thing named "Scooter" wiggled in the sink...he paused and pounced and remembered, once again, that it was useless to attack because, being his tail, it was still firmly attached to his butt.

If there is ever a Napolecat, we can bring about his Waterloo with a defending army of vacuum cleaners armed with sparkle-laden pompoms.

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