Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You can herd cats.

Really, they can be herded.

As discovered by Mr. G, if, one goes into the laundry room (for, you know, laundry) and La Doof Kitton happens to sneak in (no kittehs in the laundry room. It's for everyone's sanity and happiness--because happiness is, not having to say "does my sweater smell like cat butt?" [and yes, the person I asked this of, assured me that, my sweater did INDEED smell like cat butt. It has since been re-washed]), it is nigh impossible to get him back out again. He will climb the drying rack, crawl under the sweater rack, clamber into piles of clothes, clatter up hampers and all around make himself into one of those "Water Wigglie" toys (minus the water, plus claws and teeth)

Well, if one wishes to leave the laundry room, 'tis best not to leave La Doof Kitton in the room. (and if we manage to defeat all odds and grab him by the collar, that's when I'm reminded that it's very unfortunate that I care for kitteh safety and the collars are breakaway--great for holding on the dog's tags, useless for everything else.) Which means he must be herded out of the room. Cats, not prone to being herd animals, are resistant to traditional herding practices. But if one, in a moment of desperation (because one slept through the alarm because the kitten knocked over the clock radio and moved the volume knob from "Eleven" to 1), grabs a can of Lysol (designed to remove cat butt from sweaters) and sprays it, not at the kitten, but in the kitten's general area, they move amazingly fast.

He was halfway up the stairs before we realized it worked. And dashed out, slamming the laundry room door closed. And re-opening it and repeating the practice when, in the excitement, I realized I forgot my sweater in the laundry room.

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