Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have no idea how many stamps WERE on the roll yesterday...

but the stamp holder was on the floor (it had been in a drawer...I think) and the roll was completely out of the holder and unrolled and there was about a foot of the adhesive backing w/o any stamps idea where those stamps are, but I think that bit of paper was shorter.

I think La Doof Kitton was trying to mail Dawg to Boreneo.

(Edited to add:

I must apologize to the googlers who are apparently looking for the number of stamps on a roll and are finding the ramblings of a crazy cat lady...

So for your edification, a US first class stamp is $0.42, there are 100 of them in a roll, and it costs $42.00 last I checked. But I'll have to refer you to for updated information or to see how many stamps it would indeed take for your kitten to mail your dog to Borneo or Abu Dhabi.

Happy Googling!)

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