Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I win" so sayeth La Doof Kitton.

(in response to "I win", the Mr. says "no, you are, officially, an idiot")

I heard a thump. Went into the living room (where the thump came from) and saw nothing out of place.


Repeat once more with a HUGE thump. THe mr yells up from the basement to make sure I'm OK ...yup, I have no idea what it was so I'm fine.

We head into the living room and find:

1) a fake plant (most of our plants are fake, the cats are challenging) on the floor

2) part of a DIFFERENT fake plant on the floor

3) a vase of roses (er, it USED to contain roses) on the floor in a pile of rose petals and a big puddle on the carpet

4) a photo album.

Everything on the book-shelf has been re-bitter apple-ed for tonight.

(which, as I'm getting around to putting this on the new blog, 4 days later, didn't work. Because I found fake plants in the living room for the past 3 mornings. and again 10 minutes ago)

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