Thursday, September 4, 2008

La Doof Kitton got caught in a door

There were treatsies all around. Some of our food leftovers that were pet friendly and they all love 'em.

So a plate was put down for each kitty (we dont have them share--it's safer for them not to :-), and the Mr. was taking a plate outside for Dawg (she likes eating outside and then we don't have cat/dog food issues--both of the cats are food thieves) and La Doof Kitton decided Dawg's food was better than his and darted out the door toward Dawg's plate (the cats are inside cats!).

The Mr reacted...and tried to close the slidey screen before the kitten got there....and failed. What he managed to do was to close the slidey scren right-smack on La Doof Kitton's middle.

So, I"m in the basement, and I hear "DUFF<>BABE, HELP" So I sprint up the stairs all of this the screen got knocked off it's track--so it's stuck. It's stuck mildly pinching La Doof Kitton--to tight for him to get out, to tight for him to get back in...the Mr. has given up on the screen and grabbed legs but he can't pull OR push the kitten out. And the normally quiet kitten is YOWLING.

So, I get up there, he holds both hind legs, I loosen the screen, the kitten pops back inside and Dawg looks confuzzled and goes to eat her food. And the kitten is none the worse for wear. And El Gato took the opportunity to eat his food.
El Gato is quite please. La Doof Kitton hasn't quite forgiven us.