Monday, October 6, 2008

La Doof Kitton is NOT helpful when I'm baking.

There's nothing like carefully pouring the batter from the bowl into the cake pan when, suddenly, my head jerks toward the floor because La Doof waited until THAT MOMENT to try to climb my ponytail. He was hanging from it, trying to climb, Rapunzel-esque, to the tasty batter. OW.

I chased him off, popped the pumpkin roll into the oven, and set about making a sugared surface for it to cool on...meaning a towel well sprinkled w/ powdered sugar.

Good thing this one isn't for guests and we'll be eating it in house--because I finished sprinkling the towel, turned my back long enough to put the sifter in the sink and turn back around...there are kitty pawprints all across the sugar. (and a ghostly white trail of white footprints led from the sugar-coated towel across the kitchen table, onto the BLACK chair and across the kitchen floor)

I chased him away again, take the cake out of the oven and have it cooling...

There was NO PLACE I can leave this cake to cool that is out of reach, and after trying 4 separate places, I've given up. I spent the better part of the next hour carrying a wire-rack w/ a cooling roll of cake on it with's sitting next to me on the desk, because then I can keep him from eating it.