Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lazy Fighting

<---THIS is rather normal at our house.

Both the dog and the kitten were exhausted from playing--we'd just finished a game of fetch with Dawg and La Doof Kitton had been busy attempting to destroy the hamper for about an hour. (he failed at destroying the hamper but did actually succeed in moving it a few feet...impressive when it weighs so much more then him. And moving it created a small cave wehre he could lie in wait and pounce people/other pets/imaginary squirrels/specks of dust/lint demons, etc.)

When they're both exhausted, Dawg flops herself down to take a nap. And La Doof Kitton comes over and strats grooming her ... until which point he gets bored (about 45 seconds). When La Doof Kitton gets bored, he quits grooming and just hauls off and bites her ears. Which results in a vulnerable Dawg (who, of course, falls for the 'lay there and I'll groom you nicely' trick EVERY time) having to defend herself--without loosing the prime blankie spot. So it results in 15 minutes or so of the animals lying, to lazy to get up, while play fighting. Hilarious.

(I do actually have video but...I made the mistake of talking while recording it and I refuse to upload video w/ my voice on it--I'm not feeling smart enough to figure out how to get my voice OFF it.)


Amy said...

Love it! This happens at our house too...sadly not with Sheena, but between the dogs!
Oh and I just added your blog to my blog list on my page.


Blogger said...

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