Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cats really don't have much of a sense of humor.

La Doof Kitton was facing off with El Gato in the middle of the living room floor.
There was darkness and fury and growling and laying back of ears as they circled each other...

And then Mr. G flung himself dramatically from the couch where he had been sitting between the two kitties and yelled "OOOH, I wanna wrestle too!" and bowled them both with his left hand, one with his right.

The cats picked themselves up and were so shocked they both just sat there as he bowled them over again.
At which point, El Gato scrabbled to her feet and fled to the bedroom where she has been hiding ever since. (When I went to talk her out of the corner she laid her ears back and purred as I pet her--quite clearly saying "I like you, WHY did you marry such a dofus? he needs to learn some manners." I reminded her that Mr. G is the one who fills the food dishes and she allowed one ear to come forward. Almost.) La Doof Kitton pounced on Mr G's hand, bit it hard, and then climbed to the top of the bookshelves, preparing to fling himself down in a blaze of nomming glory...

And then there was a random bit of imagined movement from the catnip mouse in the corner and La Doof Kitton forgot that he was stalking Mr. G and prepared to hunt down and destroy the catnip mouse.

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