Monday, October 6, 2008

Drying racks don't hold kitties very well.

Drying racks are generally handy household objects. They're excellent inventions for those of us who would otherwise leave articles of clothing hanging from the ceiling fan or wadded up on a corner of the laundry room floor (a method which, I must confess, doesn't work well) to dry. They're also objects that are made to be easily collapsible for storage reasons. (which is odd considering I can't remember the last time I collapsed and stored mine...)

By virtue of this last quality, they are NOT kitton safe. Kittons who attempt to climb these objects will find themselves lying in the middle of the floor, trapped under a drying rack and a heap of damp clothing.

(and, while a normal cat would have fled in terror from the loud, noisy, startling, flinging-of-damp clothing object that fell on top of it, La Doof Kitton waited for me to remove all the clothing from burying him...and then promptly attempted to re-climb the drying rack as I attepted to set it back up)

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