Monday, October 27, 2008

Things La Doof Kitton has messed with/destroyed in the last week:

(this list only includes things I"m reasonably sure were his fault and that he can't frame the other pets for)

-1 jewelry box (that he pushed off a dresser and broke)
-the jewelry in said jewelry box (that he stole)
-1 vase of flowers that he knocked over from the kitchen table (he ate 2 flowers and doused the chair cushions with water)
-1 vase of flowers that he knocked off the fridge and shredded 2 flowers
-my hair (it is not for climbing)
-my hair ties
-1 stack of important papers that he shoved off my desk 3 separate times
-1 bag of chips that he tried to eat through
-1 bunch box he stole things out of
-1 printer that he decided to kill the pages coming out of as it printed (he killed about 3 before I kicked him out)
-2 trash cans containing paper
-1 partial roll of toilet paper
-1 picture/sign that he knocked over, clawed the plastic off of, and knocked over again
-1 shoelace (I know have a very very SHORT shoelace in that shoe)
-1 house plant (which is now missing many leaves and has a pile of dirt ground into the carpet next to it)
-1 pile of dishes that he knocked over
-1 clock radio
-1 laundry hamper (that he climbed, knocked over, and then sat upon)
-1 bed that he managed to squeeze behind, play w/ all of the cords that plug in, and generally make a PITA out of himself over

I can't prove he did anything else. Or else I haven't found the mess/problem yet.